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*Proof of vaccination is required to go maskless in the studio

Friday Night Intro-to-Wheel Workshops:

For anyone interested in trying out the Potter’s Wheel – no experience required!

June 11

6-8 pm 

June 18

6-8 pm 

July 9

6-8 pm 

July 16

6-8 pm 

July 23

6-8 pm 

Saturday Night Intro-to-Wheel Workshops:

For anyone interested in trying out the Potter’s Wheel – no experience required! 

June 12

6-8 pm 

July 3

6-8 pm 

July 10

6-8 pm 

July 17

6-8 pm 

Intermediate Wheel: Strengthen Your Foundation

The key to strong throwing is a strong foundation – There’s no way around it.
This workshop is designed for those who are already starting to feel comfortable at the wheel, and have grasped the basics of throwing, but want to build confidence in their skills and start taking it to the next level. 

Our main focus will be on the cylinder – Mastering the cylinder is the key to throwing any form on the wheel, since most other forms stem from it.
We’ll break the process down into its key steps and components, and work on  going through these steps smoothly, efficiently and purposefully.  We’ll also go over controlling the various details like width/height/thickness of our wall, and discuss how and when to take these things into account. 

We’ll cover posture, hand positioning, mobility, speed…and troubleshoot super common problems and issues people are having! 

Saturday, June 12 
1-3 pm 

Intermediate Wheel: Form Theory

Control is the goal when learning to throw. We should be able to make the things we want deliberately, rather than arrive at every piece by accident or chance. We shouldn’t feel like we’re fighting with the clay. 

In this workshop we’ll talk about how to approach forms logically and systematically. We’ll break a pot down into it’s components – the foot, belly, shoulder, neck, rim … and learn how to control the width, height or curve of each. 

We’ll also Discuss rules of thumb, timing, when and how to make 2 part pieces, and more! 

Saturday, June 26
1-4 Pm

Intermediate Wheel: Off the Hump!

A very specific throwing technique, and a precious skill to have. “Off the hump” refers to throwing multiple pieces off of one larger lump of clay – an ideal technique for making small/miniature pots, components such as lids and spouts, and for repetitive production. 

If you feel comfortable throwing a pot on the wheel, you should be able to pick up off the hump in no time!
We’ll practice all the above mentioned things that the technique lends itself to, and go over some tips for wedging/centering larger amounts of clay as well.

Saturday, July 17
1-3 pm 

Beginner + : Traditional Hand Building Techniques

In this workshop we’ll cover 4 of the oldest techniques in ceramic work, all of which can be done at home without any fancy equipment, and any of which can help produce just about anything you want to make out of clay. 

About an hour will be spent on each of the following: 

Slab Pots
-How to fling a perfect slab without a slab roller or rolling pin
– How to shape that flat slab into just about anything 

Coil Pots
– How to roll the perfect coil without an extruder
– How to build forms intentionally with those coils
Pinch Pots
– Finding the pattern and rhythm of a simple pinch pot 

– The ways in which it can be so much more than a simple pinch pot
Carved Pots 

– shaping a piece through reduction
– Clay, at a certain stage, can be whittled like wood.  We’ll talk about making what we want, by carving away what we don’t. 


Each process will be demoed and discussed, and participants will make a small piece out of each technique. 

Sunday, July 18
1-5 pm

Beginner-Intermediate: Surface Decoration


A pot can be a wonderful canvas – but there are so many options for what to do with it! 

In this workshop we’ll discuss: 

  • Slip, Underglaze, Wash, and Glaze – What’s the difference, when to use, and lots of tips and techniques for each!
  • How to make your own slips, washes, and underglazes
  • Sgraffito and Incising – two of the most traditional carving techniques. 
  • Marbling, slip trailing, combing, and more! 

*Small fresh pots will be provided to practice on. 


Saturday, July 31
1-4 pm

***Workshops can be rescheduled with at least 48 hours notice – No refunds.