Studio Memberships

A pottery studio membership is similar to a gym membership (Experience required)

You pay monthly, and can come and go as you please during business hours.
*members are applicable for 24 hour access after 2 months

Members have a private shelf to store their things, and access to all studio equipment.

House clays and glazes are included at no extra cost.
A few specialty clay bodies are available for purchase (fresh bags, or recon by the pound when available).

Apply below,  and we'll contact you



-$150/month w/ auto pay

-$160 cash, check, or non-autopay card

Firing fees are 5 cents/cubic inch - record as you go, and billed out monthly

Promotional Rates

Pottery Studio Members 
-Multiple shelves @ discount rates
(Each additional shelf $100)
*Maximum of 3 shelves
*Applies to first 3 months of membership only

Multiple months

1 month is $150
2 months for $275
3 months for $425
4 months for $550
5 months for $700
6 months for $825

Member's Contract & Information Pamphlet

Apply for studio membership.

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