Pottery Commissions

Own a restaurant?

Are you an artist or designer looking to make your ceramic ideas come to life?

Perhaps you want a unique handmade dish set for your home, or a customized gift for someone else?

The Newburgh Pottery just might be able to help.

Any made to order gifts can be personalized.

Email info@thenewburghpottery.com with inquiries!

Tell us about your idea below



Tagines for Claudette

Restaurant in NYC


Don Buri bowls for Benemon

Restaurant in NYC


Tea cups for Benemon

Restaurant in NYC


Dining & Serving Set

32 pieces for private client

Typographic Pots

Designed by and produced for Rodrigo Corral

Lettering by Rodrigo Corral Studio

Exhibited at The Museum of Design Atlanta

Commissioned Anniversary gift


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